Pricing: TBA

The Barbell Club has access to equipment allocated to Barbell Club ONLY. This does not cover kettlebells, dumbbells, rings, etc. This is for Olympic Lifting training only. This is not for an “Open Gym” access to CrossFit on your own.

You may either do your own programming or follow our programming.


Just a couple rules to follow..

·        Don't walk or stand in front of someone starting or mid-lift. Don’t walk behind someone on the lifting platforms.

·        Staring is natural, but don't overstay your welcome. Appreciate the lift, then move on.

·        Keep the platform and equipment clean after you finish the session, and don't leave your stuff lying around.

·        Don't slam the bar.

·        Don't step over, on, or kick the bar.

·        Don't step on the plates.

·        Pair plate brands to ensure even wear.

·        Encourage someone attempting a PR.

·        Don't have a tantrum / practice self-control.

·        Communicate with the person you're sharing a platform with.

·        Don't Lebron the chalk.