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Jeremy Lang

Owner/Head Coach

- CrossFit Level 2
- CrossFit Gymnastics
- CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting
- Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified
- CrossFit Self Defense
- USA Weightlifting Sport Performance

“I believe in CrossFit whole heartedly, from the movements that are nearly all whole body from core to extremity to the foods CrossFit encourages you to consume. I can promise you this; CrossFit will not be easy but what worth having is? Changing your life is not a quick fix or fad—it requires a lifestyle change that takes time. If you want to see results, come and see me.”


Kat de Leon-Lantto

Coach/Personal Trainer/Marketing

- CrossFit Level 1
- CrossFit Gymnastics
- USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Level 1
- Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
- Certified Group Exercise Instructor (AFAA)
- Indoor Cycling & Kettlebell Instructor (NETA)
- Sport Yoga (NESTA) & Pound® Instructor

Kat has worked in the fitness industry off and on since the age of 19. She will soon approach 20 years in the field! Though she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Studio from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), her calling has always been in fitness.

Kat got her start working in the fitness industry as Navy Fitness Coordinator. In addition to coordinating mainstream fitness classes and personal training, she helped coordinate and run semi-annual physical readiness assessments and administer remedial physical fitness training sessions for active duty sailors.

Kat has been a middle school and high school swim coach, practiced “stand-up” American Kickboxing and managed various other mainstream fitness programs.

Now Hiring Part-time

CrossFit Trainers and Fitness Instructors!

The candidate should be;
•    Fun and Energetic
•    Level 1 CrossFit coach or higher REQUIRED for CrossFit classes. 
•    Have past coaching or other fitness lead experience for other classes.
•    Nationally recognized personal training certification for non-CrossFit 1-on-1 session. (NASM, ACE, AFAA, NETA, ISSA) - Or must attain one of these certs within 6 months of hire.
•    Willing to lead other classes like Boot Camp, Kids & Teens classes and other possibilities.
•    Self-motivated and organized.
•    Invested in the lives of our members and colleagues. 
•    Passionate about physical activity and a healthy way of life. 
•    Willing to grow and learn professionally and personally.
•    A strong leader and have the ability to address issues that may arise.
•    A clear communicator and have the ability to follow directions
•    Reliable transportation

Responsibilities include but not limited to;
•    Coach CrossFit or other classes effectively without distraction.
•    Effectively manage large and small groups of people while having good time management.
•    Provide clear instructions and directions.
•    Provide positive encouragement and motivation to all members.
•    Provide accurate cueing and feedback to improve athlete performance.
•    Be present for special events and other gym related activities.
•    Follow standard operating procedures
•    Perform shared maintenance duties and other duties assigned.
•    Play an active role in social media communication with our members.
•    Be a positive role model for our gym members and the outside community. In other words, be an idyllic representative of our business.
•    Welcome new and prospective members as well help build membership.
•    Stay active yourself and join class as often as possible.

•    Competitive pay
•    Flexible schedule
•    Free membership or membership discount (contingent)
•    1-on-1 training opportunities

Email resume to
Email should include a little more about yourself and what makes you the perfect candidate.