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Jeremy Lang

Owner/Head Coach

- CrossFit Level 2
- CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting
- Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified
- CrossFt Self Defense
- USA Weightlifting Sport Performance

“I believe in CrossFit whole heartedly, from the movements that are nearly all whole body from core to extremity to the foods CrossFit encourages you to consume. I can promise you this; CrossFit will not be easy but what worth having is? Changing your life is not a quick fix or fad—it requires a lifestyle change that takes time. If you want to see results, come and see me.”

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Nico Velazquez


- CrossFit Level 1

"CrossFit is a lifestyle that no matter what, keeps you motivated and hungry for more. The fact that everyday you get to see what your body is physically capable of is something you don't see everywhere else and allows you to grow as a person."