Cheryl Pojanowski - Winter 2018

 1.     Name/Nick name:

Cheryl, but my favorite nickname is Mom

2.     Age:


3.     Occupation:

Paralegal and CFL1

4.     Hometown:

I was raised mostly in Tennessee, but graduated from Isle High School

5.     How long have you been a member of GCC?

3 years

6.     What do you love about GCC?

I love the community feel and being around others from so many different professions, backgrounds, and ages.

7.     What keeps you motivated?

Two things--- #1- Someone out there is warming up with my max, so I’m constantly working to improve; and #2- I have two daughters watching me,  I have to show them that something worth having is worth fighting for, even if it means failing and trying over and over; achievements in CrossFit are the perfect way to demonstrate that.

8.     Tell us what your biggest CrossFit moment and/or biggest PR is!

My biggest CrossFit moment was finally hitting double unders. It was the right balance of determination and getting mad about it that finally got me there.

9.     What's your biggest fitness fail!?

LOL!!! My biggest CrossFit fail was eating it on a box jump and skinning my shin. I still have the dent in my shin two years later.

10.  What is your favorite workout and movement?

My favorite movement is the back squat. Any bad day can be turned around by throwing a bunch of weight on a bar and grinding out some squats.

11.  What is your least favorite workout and movement?

There really isn’t a least favorite movement. I'm a believer in that if you hate a movement, it’s more than likely because you suck at it. Usually if you give it the time and effort it deserves, you’ll get better and change your mind.

12.  What advice would you give a new/potential member?

Be comfortable getting uncomfortable, that’s where you find growth.

13.  Tell us something we don't know about you!

My first time ever in a plane was to sky dive.

14.  What do you do when you don't CrossFit?

I work full-time and have two young kids, so that fills the bulk of the rest of my time, but I love going on adventures and competing.

15.  Favorite healthy meal and/or snack.

My favorite healthy meal is a burger with an over medium egg and veggies

16.  Favorite cheat meal and/or snack.

I can eat my body weight at any buffet with ZERO shame.

Kat Lantto