Jess Rausch - Fall 2018

1.     Name/Nick name:

Jessica Rausch / Jess

2.     Age:


3.     Occupation: 

Production Scheduler

4.     Hometown:

Cold Spring

5.     How long have you been a member of GCC? How long have you been CrossFitting?

Member almost 2 years. CrossFitting 2.5 years.

6.     What do you love about GCC? 

Love the family atmosphere. When I left my first gym, I thought I'd never find another gym with so many people who actually care about you in and outside the gym. Struck out with another gym in the area but was lucky enough to find GCC shortly after.

7.     What keeps you motivated? 

The other members and coaches and wanting to hang around them, wanting to get better each and every day, and continuing to prove the doctors and therapists wrong.

8.     Tell us what your biggest CrossFit moment and/or biggest PR is! 

Biggest PR came fairly recently. Was able to finally reach the 200 pound club with my deadlift. Biggest moment was facing my fears and competing in my first gameday competition.

9.     What's your biggest fitness fail!?

LOL!!! When I first started CrossFit down in Mankato, I didn't know how to properly unload a bar. Started unloading all of one side. Therefore, the bar fell off the rack. 🤦 Not my brightest moment.

10.  What is your favorite workout and movement? 

My favorite movement is db snatch. Favorite workout, don't really have one. They all suck haha.

11.  What is your least favorite workout and movement? 

Burpees and least favorite workout: anything will both wall balls and burpees in them.

12.  What advice would you give a new/potential member? 

CROSSFIT IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! This is something I truly believe. If I can do it, anyone can. You're only limited by what you think you can't do. There are adapting/scaling options for everything.

13.  Tell us something we don't know about you! 

Because of my CP (Cerebral Palsy), I drive with my left foot. I have a left foot accelerator.

14.  What do you do when you don't CrossFit? 

I watch sports, particularly football. If the Vikings are on, don't call me, don't message me, don't text me. I'm busy. 😁

15.  Favorite healthy meal and/or snack. 

My favorite healthy snack: green grapes, meal: anything with chicken.

16.  Favorite cheat meal and/or snack. 

My mom's calzones

Kat Lantto