Julie Kerr - Summer 2019

1. Name/Nick name:

Julie / JuJu or JewJew

2. Age:


3. Occupation:

Human Resources Business Partner

4. Hometown:

Duluth, MN

5. How long have you been a member of GCC?

October 2017

6. What do you love about GCC?

At 52 years old...I finally found my people.

7. What keeps you motivated?

Family, wanting to be able to move well and pain free when I’m older.

8. Tell us what your biggest CrossFit moment and/or biggest PR is!

Finishing the Heroes workout. Then next 4 days sucked in a great way. Biggest PR...back squat 200#.

9. What's your biggest fitness fail!?

LOL!!! Let’s just say it’s best to use the bathroom before you do a WOD.

10. What is your favorite workout and movement?

I don’t have a favorite workout but I do love that the workouts change every day and I don’t have to think about it. Favorite movement...deadlifts.

11. What is your least favorite workout and movement?

Any workout with burpees / burpees

12. What advice would you give a new/potential member?

Crossfit is for everyone. Start where you are and keep moving. There are scaling options for everything.

13. Tell us something we don't know about you!

I’m terrified of horses, but when I visited Iceland I did the tolt (there are two periods above the o in tolt) on an Icelandic horse.

14. What do you do when you don't CrossFit?

I like to listen to podcasts, golf and read.

15. Favorite healthy meal and/or snack.

Healthy burrito bowl.

16. Favorite cheat meal and/or snack.


Kat Lantto