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4 one-on-one introduction
training sessions & 4 classes with a “wingman”inside your first month. Your “wingman” will help get you oriented and help make you feel comfortable in your new home.


CrossFit: $20/day or $30 t-shirt included.
Yoga: $10/class
Boot Camp: TBA

We are happy to announce that we are moving all billing and membership services over to triib later this month. Stay tuned for changes on this page.


We offer health reimbursements through Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN and HealthPartners.  Upon attending 12 CrossFit Classes in a month, you will be reimbursed up to $20.

*On-Ramp Process: All new members must attend the 4 session On-Ramp training sessions prior to starting full membership. Some exceptions may apply. These sessions are set up like personal training to familiarize new members with the fundamental and supplementary movements found in CrossFit. They are meant to prepare the athlete for safe and effective exercise. Upon completion of On-Ramp, the athlete would be invited to join regular classes. If the athlete or coach feel more sessions are needed, we would accommodate for that. New and veteran athletes are encouraged to seek additional 1-on-1 sessions to better themselves for class, life or competition. See us for details. We guarantee that it's more cost effective than today's personal training fees at a globo-gym.