Monthly Crossfit Programs

On Ramp

training sessions


3 Month: $175/mo
6 Month: $170/mo
* $960 paid in full
1 Year: $165/mo
*$1,800 paid in full


3 Month: $285/mo
6 Month: $280/mo
* $1,590 paid in full
1 Year: $275/mo
*$3,120 paid in full


3 Month: $125/mo
6 Month: $115/mo
* $600 paid in full
1 Year: $105/mo
*$1,140 paid in full

Promotions and Special Deals

10% discount for Law Enforcement, Active Military,
Paramedics, Firefighter - $140/month Unlimited CrossFit Group Classes
10% discount for senior citizens, 55+

*Discounts cannot be combined*

Payments: Payments can be made by check the 1st of every month or can be set up for ACH withdrawal. Please keep in mind, if you elect to cancel ACH withdrawal or your membership we require cancellation notices of 30 days and as we bill on the 1st of the month, once you are enrolled in ACH withdrawal, you are required to provide advance notice via email to prior to the 1st of the month to be your last month.  If you email us after that date, you will be charged for the following month, however, you will have access to the facilities at that time.

We are now offering health reimbursements through Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN and HealthPartners.  Upon attending 12 CrossFit Classes in a month, you will be reimbursed $20.

Membership Hold Policy You are permitted to put your membership on a temporary hold for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 30 days, up to 2 times per 12 month period.

The request to place the Agreement on hold must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the hold dates (no retroactive holds) and must include an end date (or return date). Auto payments will resume after the indicated hold period.