December 12, 2018


Tempo Back Squat (Partner) 2-2-2-2-2

Seated Single Arm Arnold Press 2 sets @ 6-8 reps & 2 sets @ 4-6 reps


12 min Continuous Grind

  • 10 meter Seated Sled Drag Face Pull (4 mat lengths—32’)

  • 12-20 Wall Balls (no rest or setting down of the ball, scale between 12-20 in a row—go up in # as you can)

  • 10 Ring Rows (hold 1 sec at the top of each rep) --- do this by the monkey bar rig

  • 5-10 Strict Pull Ups

  • 12-20 OVH Plate Squats (hold a plate over head and squat 😊)

December 6, 2018



10 Rounds each on Rower (30 min total)

  1. 45 second hard; 15 seconds rest

  2. 30 second hard; 30 seconds rest

  3. 15 second hard; 45 seconds rest

 Score is total calories rowed

Complete 1 for all 10 rounds, no rest and go into 2 for all 10 rounds, no rest then 3 for all 10 rounds.

OPEN GYM 5am to 6pm

November 24, 2018

Little Jake Fundraiser WOD

Doors open at 7:15am. First heat starts at approximately 8:15am.

With a partner…because Jake is a twin!

BUY-IN: 900m Row @ level 9

9 Rounds of 9 Reps of the following*

  • Air Squats

  • Deadlifts 135/95

  • Sit-ups

  • Elbow Touch Push-ups

  • Pull-ups

  • Power Cleans

  • Burpees

BUY-OUT: 900m Row @ level 9

*Athletes must alternate movements.

Help us help Jake!

Sam Rodriguez is a good friend to Granite City CrossFit and owner/founder Jeremy Lang. Sam’s son Jake was diagnosed with Lymphoma Nov 2, 2018. Sam lost his wife Erika (mom to Jake and his twin brother) to Leukemia 6 yrs ago. This time of year we at Granite City CrossFit have always collected food and toiletries for a local shelter. This year we would like to help Sam and his family with a fundraiser to help with time off of work and other misc. expenses while Jake goes through chemo treatments and other hospitalizations that will be ongoing over the next few years.

On Friday, November 2, the Rodriguez's lives forever changed. Initially, Jake was having issues with belabored breathing, which has quickly led them to a diagnosis of a form of blood cancer, which specific blood cancer is yet to be determined. 

As a bit of a back story, Jake has a twin brother Ben. Jake and Ben's mom Erika passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia(AML) when the boys were 3 years old. Sam, their dad, married Katie in April of 2016 and they had Cole in February of 2017. Jake and Ben have spent their entire short lives honoring their mom and keeping her memory alive, their goal has always been to raise enough money so that no other child has to lose their mom to blood cancer. In 2017, they were honored as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's(LLS) 2017 Boys of the Year. As you can imagine, never in their wildest dreams did any of the family or friends think they would be down this road again. We have learned that the road for Jake and the entire the family will be long with many unknowns. This battle will take great strength and faith, there is no doubt they that strength and faith and is unwavering. Sam and Katie are two of the most kind and generous people, they are always there for others in their time of need. They are the first to provide support, now it's our turn to help alleviate some of their worry. Many have been asking what they can do to help them through this scary time. Therefore, this is being set up to help reduce the great financial cost that comes with fighting cancer. Anything you are able to give will allow them to not worry about the fianical portion of this fight and focus and getting Jake well. "Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
Isaiah 41:10

For further updates on Jake, please visit below link. 

November 23, 2018

OPEN GYM 5am to 6pm

Contact us if you plan to drop in!

Endurance/Gymnastics WOD


3 Rounds

  • Bear crawl, down and back

  • 10 high plank, shoulder taps

  • 10 goblet squats

  • 10 kip swings

  • 15 mountain climbers

  • 200m row

10 Min E/O MOTM

  • 30 second HS hold or as long as possible

  • 10 push-ups


  • 60 double unders

  • 50 situps

  • 40 wall balls

  • 30 pistol squats

  • 20 pull ups

  • 10 HSPU

November 22-24, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy yourself…enjoy your family! So you couldn’t make it to the Turkey Buster workout…that’s ok. We have a few ideas!

  • Go for a walk or jog

  • Ride bike

  • Play touch football or catch

  • Take the dog for a nice long walk

If you still have the need to WOD, here are a few home friendly workouts;


    • half mile or 1-mile Run

    • 100 Push-ups

    • 200 Air Squats

    • half mile or 1-mile Run

  2. “CINDY” - 20min AMRAP:


    • 300 Air Squats for Time

  4. PUSH-PUSH-RUN - 7 Rounds for Time:

    • 10 Push-ups

    • 10 Air Squats

    • Run 200m

  5. BODYWEIGHT WOD - 8 Rounds for Time:

    • 10 Push-ups

    • 10 Air Squats

    • 10 Burpees

    • 10 Air Squats

  6. FULL-BODY DECREASING LADDER - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Rep Rounds for Time:

    • Burpees

    • Push-ups

    • Sit-ups

  7. GYMNASTY - 20min AMRAP:

    • 5 Handstand Push-ups

    • 10 Pistol Squats

  8. WELL-ROUNDED - For Time:

    • Run 400m

    • 50 Air Squats

    • Run 400m

    • 50 Push-ups

    • Run 400m

    • 50 Sit-ups

    • Run 400m

  9. BODYWEIGHT TRIPLET - For Time: 21-15-9

    • Sit-ups

    • Push-ups

    • Air Squats

  10. 5K - For Time:

    • Run a 5k

  11. GYMNSASTY PART DEUX - 5 Rounds for Time:

    • 0:30 Seconds Handstand

    • 20 Air Squats

November 22, 2018

Bring a friend! The WOD begins at 7:30am SHARP!

Get there early to warm-up!!!


CASH-IN: 1k Row

4 Rounds for time (with a partner)

  • 50 DU

  • 20 RKBS (1.5/1)

  • 20 GTOVS

  • 50 DU

  • 20 Ring Pushups

  • 20 Squats

  • 20 GHD Situps

  • 50 DU

CASH-OUT: 100 calories on the bike

Resting Partner must hold a kettlebell. Rx 1.5/1 pood