October 15, 2018


Partner Bodybuilding

  • Semi-Supinated Dumbbell Bench Press

6 -8 reps x 2 sets

4-6 reps x 2 sets

Rest 45 sec in between sets

  • Single Arm Dumbbell Row

    6-8 reps each arm x 4 sets

    Rest 90 sec

  • Supinated Ring Row

    6-10 reps x 3 sets

    Rest 60 sec

  • Forearm Plank

    45 sec unbroken (add load if needed or at coaches digression)x 3

    Rest 60 sec


4 Rounds NOT For Time

  • 40 Squats to Med Ball (No bouncing)

  • 12 Push Ups (vary hand placement and scale with boxes as needed)

  • 45 Beaded Double Unders or 130 singles if no doubles or 60-ish singles if working on jumping rope skills.

  • Rest as needed between sets

*The goal is not to rush here. Complete the allotted reps at the right tempo. Move with purpose and connect with the muscles that are getting activated.