October 17, 2018



  • Back Squat

    5,5,4,4,3; rest 2 min --No percentages here, go up as you can!

  • Single leg KB Deadlift

    3 each leg; rest 60 sec x 3 sets (aim for a :07-:08 second negative, and raise the other leg high)

  • Strict Pull-up

    6-10 (Use bands as needed)

  • Single Arm Dumbbell Press (Seated, on ground)

    6-8 reps each arm; rest 60 sec x 3 sets


10 min Continuous Grind

  • Reverse Sled Drag 105’ Tough (length of building)

  • 8 Ring Rows (hold 1 sec at the top of each rep)

  • 4 Strict Pull Ups

  • 6 Kipping Pull Ups

  • 2 Wall Walks

*The goal is not to get the max number of reps in 10 min that you can. The goal is to perform all of these movements with great positions, attention to quality, and keep moving continuously for the whole time. Breaks are expected in order to complete some of the strict movements.