November 15, 2018



3 Rounds

On row:

1:00 arms only, lock out legs

1:00 legs only, lock out arms, arms are only as straps to hold handle

1:00 arms and legs

1:00 rest

On bike:

1:00 arms only, put feet up on pegs

1:00 legs only

1:00 arms and legs

1:00 rest

Cash out:

  • 100 double unders, RX


If ok at dubs, do 50-L3

If terrible, do 25-L2

2:00 double under work-L1

Hold yourself accountable, double-unders take patience and practice

OPEN GYM 5am to 6pm


As lifters we spend a lot of time training spinal extension, and we tend to get really strong and sometimes dominant there. This is a program to help reverse some of those effects and help you continue to find spinal flexion and relief from the tightness that you can get from lifting. Breathing is an important aspect here. Start to pay attention to your breaths while you're stretching.

 Hip Flexor Recovery/Prehab

  1. Prize Deep Squat Stretch x 10 reps + 5 deep breaths hold

  2. Seated/Reclined Pigeon (figure 4) x 4 each side for :40 each time

  3. Deep Lunge Stretch x 10 each side for :20 each time

  4. Cat-Cow x 10

  5. Quadruped Plank x 20-30 seconds

  6. Modified Pigeon or Pigeon x 45 sec per side x 2