February 28, 2019

OPEN GYM 5:00am to 6:00pm

Contact us if you plan to drop-in.


Instructor participated class @ 5:00am

The CrossFit Open is upon us! So for these 5 Thursdays, Endurance will be a little less intense with the intent of recovery and preparation. Recovery is just as important as the work itself so please make it a priority to get in here and get mobile. Not only with this be an aid but it will allow you to get into positions that maybe you struggle with and or prevent possible injury. As most have you seen this week with Overhead Squats. Le’t get better everyday. Like our motto, #TrainToLiveLiveToTrain

Start with 10 minutes foam rolling…

Part 1:

15 min of work; cycle through at easy pace;

400m Row

3 Skin the cats or 2 Lengths crab walks

6/6 lunges with band at the rig

9 squat therapy

Part 2:

3 rounds:

10 hollow rocks

10 quadruped rocks/ vary hand positions, forward facing, fingers facing out, fingers facing knees

10 superman rocks

3 rounds:

1 wall walk

1 wall walk to 10 shoulder taps or hand march

1 wall walk to :30 handstand hold

Part 3:

1:00 each side Lat smash

1:00 each side Rotator cuff smash

1:00 each side Pec smash

1:00 Kneeling shoulder stretch on box

1:00 each side Banded behind the back tricep stretch

1:00 chest opener with med ball and pvc pipe or barbell